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Bodie Island, NC

Lighthouse History

Built: 1872

Type: Tower - Conical

Height: 156 feet

Status: Automated

Location: Bodie Island, Outer Banks, NC

Lens: 1st Order Fresnel 

Notes: In 1932, the light was upgraded to an electric lamp by using oil-fueled electrical generators. It remained manned until 1940, when lighthouse was fully automated. In 1953, the generators were disconnected and power was supplied from the commercial electric grid.
Some people pronounce the name with a long "o" sound, it is traditionally pronounced as body. This is derived from the original name of the area, which was "Bodies Island", after the Body family from whom the land was purchased. Folklore would have you believe it is due to the number of dead sailors washed ashore from this portion of the Atlantic Ocean, which is known as the Graveyard of the Atlantic.

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