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Abbie Burgess Grant
A special woman in the history of lighthouses.
Family History In 1853, Abbie's father, Sam Burgess, was appointed Lighthouse Keeper at Matinicus Rock. Abbie was one of ten children. She had two older sisters, one older brother; five younger sisters; her youngest sibling was a boy. She married Isaac Grant, son of Capt. John Grant, the keeper of Matinicus after her father. They had four children: Francis, Melvina, Mary Louise and Harris.

Accomplishments Although her father and father-in-law held the title of Lighthouse Keeper at Matinicus Rock, it was Abbie that was in charge of the work. In 1873, Isaac was appointed Keeper at White Head Light Station and he and Abbie tended the lights there. Abbie received the appointment of assistant keeper at White Head in 1875. She retired from there in 1890 due to illness.

Summary Born in Maine in 1839 and with a limited education, Abbie tended the lights faithfully for most of her life. One week after her father received his appointment as lighthouse keeper at Matinicus Rock, Abbie inherited the lamps. Her career as a lighthouse keeper spanned 38 years and saw her work at Matinicus and White Head Light Stations. Abbie was a heroine upon several occasions. She risked her safety and well being for the sake of her family and "those that go down to the sea ships" It was not until she married Isaac Grant, bore four children and moved to White Head Light, that Abbie receive proper recognition and a salary for her lighthouse duties.

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